Buying YouTube Subscribers in India : Does it Influence the YouTube Partner Program?

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youtube subscribe buttonMany video creators in India buy youtube subscribers for their YouTube channel to accelerate growth that gives the impression of popularity and credibility. Growth denotes a continuously increasing number of viewers who officially subscribe to a channel as regular viewers. Aside from becoming highly visible in the YouTube world, having at least 1,000 subscribers increases one’s eligibility to earn from the advertisements appearing in one’s video under the YouTube Partner Program.

What Exactly is the YouTube Partner Program?

The YouTube Partner Program or YPP is a revenue sharing program that empowers creators to earn from the video content created and published in the YouTube platform.
On every advert, a YouTube channel owner stands to collect a 55% share of the advertising revenue. YouTube for that matter, receives the remaining 45% revenue share.

Apparently, the monetization aspect is the most compelling reason why YouTube creators in India are in a hurry to grow the number of subscribers to their respective channels.
In addition to the 1000-subscriber requirement, the YPP requires at least 4000 watch hours spent by Netizens in viewing long-form videos during the last 12 months; or getting 10 million views of Netizens who watched YouTube Shorts during the past 90 days.

youtube logoNow here’s the thing, a YouTube channel owner must strive to maintain and sustain all requirements continuously or even at least once during the past 12 months to receive the revenue stream throughout. Most creators say it’s not easy but the time spent creating videos under YPP is all worth the revenues gained from crafting highly interesting videos.
Buying YouTube subscribers is an option that many consider in India, especially by those new to the YouTube Partner Program. Purchasing subscribers though is not a foolproof marketing strategy since the video content platform runs analytics on subscriber data and activities.

What is the YouTube Algorithm for Subscriber Data?

While the YouTube algorithm is basically a content-recommendation tool, it’s an AI powered system of putting the most powerful and engaging videos in front of every YouTube platform user and not just the channel subscribers.
Actually, the number of channel subscribers is not the critical requirement as far as the AI recommendation system is concerned. Partly because the YouTube AI is in collaboration with Google’s Search Engine. It will recommend the most relevant results of a search query based on keywords or key phrases.

Unlike in social media sites, the algorithm recommends content in the form of news feeds and based on user profile and other user-related information.

Also, the YouTube algorithm constantly undergoes changes that permits a better understanding of the content user-viewer. That is why the Watch Time data for long and short form videos are more important. They furnish the AI with more insights about the video to recommend to viewers searching for a specific video content.

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