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Technology is making the world a smaller place and providing opportunities for people to collaborate virtually. 

This also means there are more opportunities for scammers as well. Software is a particularly lucrative target for scammers because apps are expensive, have recurring costs, and can be downloaded directly from an app store.

Fake Apps

Scammers create bogus apps that are designed to look like they’re created by a legitimate software company. These apps may even have the same name as a legitimate app.

Once the scammer gets these apps onto app stores, they’ll often post fake reviews and ratings that lead people to download them.

Cloud Storage Scam

A cloud storage scam occurs when scammers create a fake website that offers cloud storage for free. When in reality, they’re harvesting people’s login information. They will then use those login credentials to access their victim’s data and steal it. Other scams involving cloud storage include scams related to remote working.

Scammers will create fake jobs that include cloud storage as part of their compensation.