A Guide To Playing Blu Rays On Ubuntu Linux

The Blu-ray disc standard is a digital optical disc storage format that was designed to supersede the standard DVD format in functionality as well as user experience. The technology behind Blu-ray is quite similar to the one used in CDs and DVDs, with some key differences.

A Blu-ray disc can store nearly five times more data than a standard DVD, enabling it to be used for much more than just movies.

Higher Storage Capacity

While the exact capacity is dependent on the type of the disc used, the standard capacity for single-layer and dual-layer discs is 25 GB and 50 GB, respectively. This can be extremely useful, especially for people who need more space for storing data, such as data center owners, photographers, and filmmakers. The higher storage capacity can also be beneficial for media collectors.

Better Audio and Video Quality

Unlike DVDs, Blu-ray discs use a blue laser to read and write data on the disc.

The use of this dye is what allows Blu-ray discs to achieve much higher storage capacity and enables them to store high-definition content.