Difference Between Kali Linux and Ubuntu

Kali Linux is an open-source distribution based on Debian. It was earlier known as BackTrackLinux. Kali Linus is basically a software application operating in the “Unity” environment. It comes with advanced penetration testing, i.e., around a staggering number of 600 penetration tools. It is well known for its excellent security features. Ubuntu is a Linux […]

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Raspberry Pi

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Game Boy and Where to Buy a Kit

Raspberry Pi Game Boy is a handheld portable retro games console that aids you in the process of developing an excellent gaming experience. Multiple options are available for the gadget, and this helps provide games on another dimension. Raspberry Pi A has a lower CPU speed and RAM and fewer USB ports. On the other […]

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How to Learn Linux: A Step-By-Step Guide

Linux is an open-source operating system that is widely used everywhere in modern technology. Devices, including smart heaters, thermostats, smart televisions, and mobile phones, use the advanced form of Linux. It is an OS that comes with multiple applications in the technology industry. Learning Linux will help improve your technical skills, and this process wouldn’t […]

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