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Difference Between Kali Linux and Ubuntu

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Kali Linux is an open-source distribution based on Debian. It was earlier known as BackTrackLinux. Kali Linus is basically a software application operating in the “Unity” environment. It comes with advanced penetration testing, i.e., around a staggering number of 600 penetration tools. It is well known for its excellent security features.

Ubuntu is a Linux operating system that is also based on Debian. It is free, open-source software developed by canonical. It comes with a GNU Network Object Model Environment (GNOME) or the GNU Server External Software Framework. It is available in many versions such as Edubuntu, Ubuntu Studio and Ubuntu Networking Systems. It is commonly used for educational needs.


Here are the Differences Between Kali Linux and Ubuntu


Kali Linux is primarily meant for security. It comes with Digital Forensics and Reverse Engineering. Along with security auditing, it also comes with several tools that provide protection for your information. Ubuntu is for those with a desire to learn more. It is immensely useful for schools, colleges, businesses and homes as it comes with pre-installed desktop applications on Linux. You also have many games to play.


Although based on Linux, the two are very different. Kali Linux focuses on distribution, and it is not for ordinary users as they may not ever require running vulnerability testing. Hence, Kali Linux’s scope is usually restricted to only matters of security. You will need to have some intermediate experience to use it well.

Ubuntu is well known for its user-friendliness as it comes with a GNOME. Even though both of them use dependency injection, only Ubuntu will allow you to make modifications. Hence, most users find that Ubuntu is perfect for daily use.


You will notice that Kali Linux has a relatively better speed to offer when compared to Ubuntu. After all, the emphasis is on maximum security and ethical hacking Linux distribution. Kali Linux is also well known for providing support for smartphones. Hence, it has a great level of usefulness.

When it comes to Ubuntu, you can actually use it as a replacement for an open-source operating system like Android. In fact, most users report that smartphones with Ubuntu are so good that it cuts down on the reliance on PCs. As Ubuntu is not as complicated as Kali Linux and is suitable for normal users, its usefulness is relatively high.

User Friendly

To Sum Up

These are some of the key differences that are very apparent between Kali Linux and Ubuntu. Although Ubuntu certainly does belong to the Debian family, it was built with other purposes in mind. However, you will find one thing in common: Kali Linux and Ubuntu are some of the best open-source software out there. Make sure to do your research and see what fits your needs.

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