• rite

    August 19, 2014 - mikeyD

    Indie Game Corner: A Rite From The Stars

    Greetings fron Indie Land! Wanted to give a nice shoutout to Risin’ Goat’s “A Rite from the Stars.” The artwork is really well done, and I like the unique vibe of the tribal theme. The game is a 3D point-and-click adventure, drawing inspiration from titles such as Machinarium and other classics. The developers (from the […]

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  • opengl-684x420

    July 22, 2014 - mikeyD

    Time For a History Lesson! OpenGL

    While this posting is from a StackExchange forum reply, it is no doubt a great account of OpenGL history and possibly a few reasons why some developers still stick to primary development on Windows platforms. While I know big changes are coming to OpenGL this year from what I read, adoption is no doubt being […]

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  • RetroRig-libregeek-logo

    July 14, 2014 - mikeyD

    RetroRig version 0.9.1 is out!!!

    Version 0.9.1 of RetroRig is out!!! Please submit and problems/issues via GitHub, and I thank you for your patience! A lot has happened since May of this year! No need to install an entire separate distro on your Mint/Debian machine Custom XBMC binary package Custom XBMC home screen and button layout Seperate dot file (.retrorig, […]

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  • Tons of changes. We still have testing to do this week, but wanted to show anyone interested all that is going in under the hood: Added PSX/PS1 Support PS3 USB Controller support samba share for remote ROMs folder access Added quick settings option to update XBMC and it’s relevant configs, rather than make user do […]

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  • hard drive

    July 6, 2014 - mikeyD

    New forums!

    Put up some forums today with phpBB as a part of my RetroRig project. I’m still learning the php code, so bear with me. I promise to get back to writing a few stories, as I know I’ve been neglecting the site in favor of my project. If you want to register or check them […]

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  • Editor Note: This post is primary from the source link at the end (Steam Community), albeit with some important alternations. Orbist, the original author, still deserves my massive thanks and undying praise for his original guide. This guide is for EFI INSTALLS ONLY.  Windows 7 should be loaded first. It is recommended to install any other distros […]

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  • Ubuntu Made Me Drop Out Of College

    June 12, 2014 - mikeyD

    Ubuntu Made Me Drop Out Of College

    Oldie but a goodie! Darn you Ubuntu!!! -pk

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  • I’m bad at recording stuff sometimes, especially since this was a quite late-night thing I put together. Threw this up since Chris mentioned on the The Linux Action Show people might want to see some things. Sorry for the horrible audio!!! Please use the “large player” mode of Youtube since I was recording at a […]

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  • When SteamOS first debuted, I had plenty of issues, which is to be expected for a beta release of that magnitude. After all the kinks I had were worked out and documented on this site, easier methods arose, things started to stabilize a bit more. Once the music library function was added, I grew anxious […]

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  • Never ceases to amazing me how folks make uses of micro-processor boards like the Rasperry Pi. If I could make this myself, I’d be all for it! Enjoy.

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