Linux Support


Helping folks out with Linux and Unix is something I enjoy very much, and the basis for this site in general.

How to purchase services

  • If you should be interested in any services or otherwise, please refer to the Contact Page

What I can offer you

  • My guarantee that if I don’t fix your issue, you receive a full refund.
  • Full common courtesy and professional manners
  • My sense of humor
  • Initial project/problem assessment is FREE
  • Full complete receipt of work performed, in a detailed format

What specific services do you offer?

  • Please see the full list of services at this public Google Drive link.
  • Additional services or items can be discussed via the global website contact page.

Ways I can help you:

  • Remote assistance via Google Helpouts (Now Live!)
  • Support via Skype (audio/video/chat)
  • Remote assistance over Teamviewer (chat, remote assistance)
  • Live private chat session over IRC or your preferred Instant Messaging client.
  • Support via Google Voice (audio/video/chat)

Payment Details

  • Payments accepted are Paypal, Amazon Payments, and Google Wallet.
  • Estimate of time and itemized layout will be given before support commences.
  • In specific situations, consultation is Pro Bono.
  • Rates are strictly laid out per hour
  • Flat hourly rates are available.  If I exceed that time, there is no additional cost to you.
  • Invoices will be sent same-day or the following business day after agreement on service completion.
  • Follow-up questions and maintenance is FREE for 7 days following project completion to allow for unforeseen issues during real world use of any software implemented.


I do have a full time day job in I.T., so if there is a necessary obligation I must attend to, I will help you as soon as I am able to.  I do not currently work weekends, so they are the best days for larger problems and projects.  I answer my Google voice account and email very regularly, so communication is a non-issue unless I have a personal emergency to attend to.