About Me

About Libre Geek:

Libre Geek is all about showing you the most useful tips and tricks and news for your Linux distribution. While the main focused distros are around the Red Hat and Debian family, most tips here will apply to all Linux distributions. Libre Geek will devote all it can to giving the best help and advice to all Linux users.

About Me:

Starting off with Linux in 2004, curiosity about the operating system and how it worked was always was in the back of my mind.  Once I completely switched to Linux exclusively circa 2009, all of that hidden enthusiasm and passion for Unix, Linux, and all that is Open Source exploded. I found Unix and Linux to be infinitely empowering and full of endless possibilities. Whether it be contributing an article online, engaging with the community, or diving head first into unknown waters, Linux is the focal point of my computing hobbies. Always searching for the next thing to learn, my life revolves around Linux and Open Source technology. It is my hope that this enthusiasm somehow makes it’s way to you, so that more and more people can discover and learn the joys of computing.

My Mission to you:

It’s simple: I aim to provide useful posts. Posts I have made through experience, not by pasting you some blog roll or quote from another site, but crafting you posts out of my personal experience. I only wish to write meaningful and useful posts for the everyday GNU/Linux user, to the more advanced. Linux is a personal passion of mine. Never, ever, is there a boring day where I cannot find something to expand my mind. With this passion, I hope to put stories and posts that entertain, with what extra free time I have in my daily routine. If you should have an interesting topic or story you would like covered, please refer to the contact page above.