May 26, 2016 - mikeyD

Debian Package Updates for May 25, 2016

Huge round of updates this week! A lot of time was tied up figuring out what was causing some new versions of some programs to segfault. It was found out this was due to libegl-nvidia0 missing that provides*. I added this as a requirement to RetroArch and Kodi 17 in my test repository and it solved both segfault issues. This also fixed the segfault on VLC as well. So, the question is then, what is causing this? Could be the latest driver in use with SteamOS, or how Valve implemented its use, did they use a standard installation, or leave out a package?

In any case, for the time being, this “solution” of installing libegl-nvidia0 will be added to the troubleshooting piece of the SteamOS-Tools wiki. Kodi and Retroarch’s new versions will carry this as a dependency. It should be noted that other distros may not have even noticed this, as nvidia-utils on distros such as Arch Linux, include the aforementioned library. It could be that this was brought into effect with Wayland support, which I believe speaks EGL, not OpenGL.

Also, this did seem to cure the segfault with plex-media-player as well! However, I unfortunately cannot test this, as it requires a “PlexPass” subscription, of which I do not have currently. If there are any eager volunteers who would like to test plex-media-player. Please use the contact form on this website. If you already are comfortable adding the testing repository for SteamOS-Tools, the instructions for this can be found in the main readme of that GitHub repository.

Here is the latest round of package updates:


  • citra 0.20160523
  • mpv 0.17.0
  • itch 17.6.0
  • Kodi 17 Alpha 1


  • cargo 0.10.0
  • dolphin-emu-master 4.0.20160523
  • godot 2.0.3
  • google-play-music-desktop-player 3.2.4
  • moltengamepad 0.20160523
  • pcsx2-unstable 1.5.0+20160524
  • plexmediaplayer
  • pulseaudio-equalizer
  • rustc 1.8.0
  • snis 20160525


  • godot 2.0.3

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