May 1, 2016 - mikeyD

Debian Package Updates for April 30, 2016

Below are the latest round of updates for all Debian repositories. No change on the PlexMediaPlayer build attempts just yet. I’ve been experimenting with different Android emulation methods to determine which one may be the most appropriate for use in SteamOS. Recently I tested ARC from Google, which makes use of the ChromeOS runtime from within Chrome (the browser). It runs very well in desktop mode, but not in SteamOS BPM under steamcompmgr (the compositor session), barking about webgl. No trick in about:config seemed to work yet.

Have some packages in testing below, including some gamepad input software (Molten Gamepad), now that Antimicro is down for the count. Antimicro will continue to be supported under the current version for now. I have forked the project, and will monitor active forks that stemmed from upstream. If you do see this Ryochan/Travis, hope you have a change of heart on removing the project, but I understand if you don’t bring it back.

Voglperf is now up and running! It’s a great tool for not only monitoring OpenGL application frames per second, but also frametime in milliseconds, as well as reporting. I have work yet to do, including slimming down the dependencies and inspecting more of the source code, but it works. Maybe this will be how I aquatint myself more with C/cpp 🙂


  • antimicro_2.21+git+bsos-4
  • dolphin-emu-master 4.0.20160425git+bsos1-1
  • ds4drv 1:0.5.0+20160428git+bsos-1
  • pcsx2-unstable 1.5.0+20160425git+bsos-1
  • python-evdev 0.6.0+git+bsos-1
  • voglperf 0.3+git+bsos-1


  • citra 0.20160426+git+bsos-1
  • libframetime32 0.20160429+git+bsos-1
  • libframetime64 0.20160429+git+bsos-1
  • molten-gamepad 0.1.1+138377bgit+bsos-1


Whether it be contributing an article online, engaging with the community, or diving head first into unknown waters, Linux is the focal point of my computing hobbies.

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