April 25, 2016 - mikeyD

Debian Package Updates for April 25, 2016

Below are the latest round of updates for all Debian repositories. I worked very hard to back-port many core packages for Qt 5.6.0 (qtbase, qtwebchannel, qtwebengine, etc.) to Debian Jessie, but there are more kinks to iron out in the PlexMediaPlayer build process. Building PMP relies heavily on external resources and internet availability.

Also in the pipeline, should be some sort of method to run Android applications via a management script utility, as well as a hopeful completion of a voglperf Debain package for SteamOS. As always, package requests are very welcome!


  • dolphin-emu-master 4.0.20160425
  • citra 0.20160321
  • pcsx2-unstable
  • obs-studio 0.14.1


  • kodi 16.1


Whether it be contributing an article online, engaging with the community, or diving head first into unknown waters, Linux is the focal point of my computing hobbies.

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