November 13, 2015 - mikeyD

The SteamOS Wiki Needs Your Help!


Steam Machines are officially out! While SteamOS still carries the “beta” tag in many places, it is more or less out as well (to a degree). I’ve been diligently updating the Valve’s GitHub wiki pages with loads of information, including FAQ information, troubleshooting, howto, a hardware wiki, and much more. That said, I (and others) could really use your help! Help us to make the wiki a perfect place to seek community help. The wiki also features links to official Valve resources and documentation. Have an idea, problem, or hardware setup that needs documented, let me know! There is now “regarding:” contact category on Libregeek to filter these requests to my inbox.

Currently, these items needs the most help

  • How-To videos, articles, text guides
  • Demonstration videos, reviews  in video or text form
  • Documentation on the Steam Controller, Steam Link, in-home streaming and related topics
  • Ideas to improve the wiki
  • Volunteers to update pages
  • Compatible hardware setups
  • Common/Uncommon issues found on Steam Universe that should be documented (fixed or not)
  • Tips and tricks
  •  Augmenting SteamOS with tools, scripts, software
  • Community projects to feature

Thank you!


Whether it be contributing an article online, engaging with the community, or diving head first into unknown waters, Linux is the focal point of my computing hobbies.

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